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Entry #6

Shameless fiverr plug

2011-04-11 19:12:13 by BunnieGunn ar

MY commision slots were all filled! Look out for 2 more arty images for two lovely people who were kind enough to let me get some commision experience with them.

I really enjoyed working on my entry fot the cupcake colab.Was so proud when we all got a daily. I have to say alot of the art work shammed my little pic. But I've decided to sell pinup girl style images for $5 on

So if you fancy a pin up girl of you or your gf or just a made up character contact me there and we'll make the magic happen.

Over, and out!!


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2011-04-12 02:48:01

howzit going?

BunnieGunn responds:

I have to say it's deffinatly tricky drawing characters so different from my usual style! I've done loads of sketches for your commision now. Sorry its taking so long!


2011-04-16 15:34:16

Too modest. There were only a handful of standout drawings, and yours was most definitely among them.


2011-06-18 09:45:25

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