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Shameless fiverr plug

2011-04-11 19:12:13 by BunnieGunn ar

MY commision slots were all filled! Look out for 2 more arty images for two lovely people who were kind enough to let me get some commision experience with them.

I really enjoyed working on my entry fot the cupcake colab.Was so proud when we all got a daily. I have to say alot of the art work shammed my little pic. But I've decided to sell pinup girl style images for $5 on

So if you fancy a pin up girl of you or your gf or just a made up character contact me there and we'll make the magic happen.

Over, and out!!

Nothing much

2011-02-21 19:27:42 by BunnieGunn

Just a quick hey,hey hello update!
Been drawing loads latley working on 4 pieces woop and a series of paintings. After we had a few weeks of after some pretty hefty deadlines that nearly killed me on the other hand they did finally push me to actually make things and put them on the portal so all in all succesful results.

If anyones intrested in a FREE commision please PM me I have time to do 3. In any style or type you see in my art gallery. I wanted to have some experience before actually charging for them so roll up!

tomorro bbc 4

2011-01-31 16:09:11 by BunnieGunn

You in the uk?

good good if not well bad bad, because I've got a little 1 min animation on the bbc 4 woop.
Check it out here:
kids of the revoulution

Its gonna be screened on actual tv 9pm tomorro bbc4 but yea Its boring just watch the good bit..

First uploads

2011-01-29 01:23:27 by BunnieGunn

So first flash uploads on to the site.

I messed up slightly ended up putting the wrong file up first. Typical. Though the second one was correct. Typical me I tell ya.
I'm hoping they wont get blammed well I hope the second one doesnt get blammed the first one I'd be happy to see get shot at by hormonaly challenged paintballers.

So there you go my first go at flash animation. And lip sync.

Well Today Is My Birthday

2011-01-18 20:50:55 by BunnieGunn

WELL today is my birthday yaaay. I'm old.
I also found out I'm not even capricorn anymore? what? why? Stupid astrology I always wanted to be an aquarius and was one day off it so I though YES they've changed the calender cool thats what I'll be. NOPE. fail. sagitarius fail.

On other news I have 5 pieces of art in the old art gallery well woop de doo one may say. Woop dee do indeed hypothetical reader indeed this meens I'm past four. Means I could be scouted technically now fours the magic number yes. Well I'd like to get scouted on my b'day would be pretty sweet.
You listning birthday fairies of the internet?
Good thanks!

Sooooo after a long time on here lurking round. Mooching at stuff twiddling my thumbs.
I actually uploaded some real lifey arty art.
Fingers crossed I'll get scouted well its worth a go. Hopefully will upload some flash animations if all goes well.